Erskine Street Pump Station, Duubo

Dubbo City Council to upgrade and replace the Erskine Street Sewage Pumping Station. This is a joint venture project with Cockram Construction involving demolition of the current, and construction of new reinforced concrete wet well (6m diameter, 12m deep) which will house 3 pump sets and all the necessary pipe works, valves, odour control unit and access metalwork. In addition to this are several 8m deep maintenance holes, a large Emergency Storage Tank (12m diameter, 11m deep) and a new rising main pressure pipeline – comprising of 1.3km of GRP pipework and directional boring underneath two railway crossings.


Dubbo City Council



 NSW Department of Finance Services & Innovation

Mr. David Watson

CCB Envico Project Staff: 

Project Manager:  Daniel Cusack
Site Manager:  Mark Cromb



Project Duration: 

March 2016 to July 2017