Kiribati Sanitation Improvement Sector 

The repair and upgrade to the saltwater intake as part of the Kiribati South Tarawa Waste Water Sanitation project (valued at US$7.9m) in the Republic of Kiribati, an island nation in the central Pacific Ocean.


This is a large and complex project on one of the most isloated islands in the pacific. Works include the augmentation and repair of new and existing elements of Tarawa Islands salt water reticulation and sewerage systems. 





Asian Development Bank and
Kiribati Ministry of Public Works





Telephone: (03) 9514 1500


CCB Envico Project Staff: 
Project Director: Simon Gorman
Project Manager: Alastair Cusack
Site Manager: Bill Newton 
Site Foreman: Mick Corby  


Project Completion:

August 2014 - current